mardi 24 juin 2014

An encaustic piece or two and a date

Hello lovelies!
I haven't told you yet, but I have my very first encaustic exhibit coming up in September. Yikes! So last weekend I decided it was time to get cracking! I finished this piece, which was very complicated to take a photo of because there is a lot of white on top of the blue shading...

Coucou les jolies!
Je ne vous l'ai pas encore dit, mais j'aurais ma toute première expo encaustique en septembre. Donc le weekend passé, je me suis dit qu'il serait plus que temps de me mettre au travail sérieusement! J'ai fini ce tableau, qui fut très compliqué à photographier car il y a beaucoup de blanc par dessus les nuances de bleu...

This piece still needs a title. Any ideas?

Cette réa n'a pas encore de titre. Des idées?

This one is still a work in progress. I really like all the texture and funny shapes it already has.

Celui-ci est encore en cours. J'aime vraiment bien la texture et les drôles de formes qu'il présente.

Same question about the title! Any ideas?

Même question en ce qui concerne le titre! Des idées?

I also wanted to send out an invitation today: 
on August 3d, I will be teaching this class, at my home in Ramillies, Belgium:

Je voulais aussi lancer une invitation aujourd'hui:
le 3 août, je donnerai cette atelier chez moi à Ramillies en Belgique:

The workshop will take all day as we will share a nice meal together and we will be journaling in our book as well. I would also like to stress out we won't be using any Distress inks to turn our brand new book into this old looking beauty!
You can mail me HERE for more info. I hope to see you!!
Meanwhile, I will be back tomorrow with a new Mixed Media Shorty, dedicated especially to the beginner Mixed Media artists among you. See you tomorrow and don't forget to tell me your title ideas for my 2 encaustic pieces :)))

L'atelier durera toute la journée car nous allons non seulement partager un bon repas, mais aussi rajouter du journaling créatif dans notre livre. Je tiens à souligner que nous n'utiliserons aucune encre distress pour transformer notre nouveau livre en cette vieille beauté! Vous pouvez me contacter par mail ICI pour tous les renseignements. J'espère vous y voir!!
Entre-temps, je vous reviens demain avec une nouvelle vidéo Mixed Media Shorty, dédiée spécialement aux artistes techniques mixtes parmi vous. A demain et n'oubliez pas de me donner vos idées de titres pour mes deux peintures encaustique :)))

18 commentaires:

  1. c'est magnifique!
    un titre pour la deuxième toile peu être "Blizzard"!

  2. France, these pieces are fabulous, love them both, the first one as a title comes up "roundabouts"... the second one with the texture, it reminded me to the frost, you know when you leave a piece of metal outside at the winter and early in the morning you see the frost sitting on it...
    Aug 4, France I am living for vacation on the 1st, but let's see, plans may change always...

  3. The 1st makes me think of energy/seeing the light. And the 2nd of melon/cantaloupe skin.
    Have a great show!

  4. j'aime tout cela, la 1er me fait penser à des gâteaux ! et la 2ème du givre mais je ne peux pas t'aider pour les titres ;-)

  5. The 1st one makes me think of state of mind, 9don't know why for sure) and the 2nd one I agree with Frost. Love both.

  6. For those of us too far away to attend your workshop (Houston, TX), what are the possibilities of you doing videos of it and selling it as a class? I know I'd be willing to pay for instructions from you. I love all the videos you've made and the way you teach.

    1. This will become an online class one day, but that will be in at least a year from now. Meanwhile, you can join me for the 21 secrects online class! The button is at the top right blog roll. See you there?

  7. Beautiful pieces of art, France. Congratulations on your first exhibition !! The first one reminds me of apple slices with cinnamon ! lol. The second one: goosebumps.... Not very sophisticated names for your stunning pieces, though !! I won't be able to join your workshop as we will have family from abroad staying with us, shame because I would love to learn...
    Corrie x

  8. circles of peace and snow storm. Love em. wish I lived closer

  9. Your pieces are so wonderful and I and excited for you on both of your events. Congratulations.
    susan s

  10. Congrats on your exhibition France, both pieces look fantastic. I'm sure your class will be a big hit, that book is spectacular.

  11. The first one could be 'apaiser' (calm, pacify). For the second piece I think 'eruption'.

    Best of luck on your exhibit! How exciting.

  12. Good luck on your exhibit! The second one reminds me of the vibrations you can see in surfaces with the music blasting, so maybe 'Vibration"?

  13. When I saw your first piece, my mind & eyes saw "Suspended"

  14. It's beautiful France. I would love to be able to come and do a workshop with you. One day ......... xxx

  15. For a title on the first one, I was thinking either 'Four souls' or 'Lost Souls'


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