dimanche 24 août 2014

Altered atlas

Hello fellow creatives!
For my new Mixed Media Place project, I was thinking that, like many peeps out there, I hate paperwork. Not only am I a big zero when it comes to figures, I also feel that time spending doing paperwork is stolen art time!
Maybe, just maybe, if I have a more fun environment to work in, things might be less annoying. So I gave this 1956 atlas a new life... as my file storage! Ieven made a video about the atlas transformation for you, guys!

Coucou les compagnons créatifs!
Pour mon nouveau projet Mixed Media Place, je pensais que, comme beaucoup parmi vous, je déteste la paperasserie. Non seulement moi et les chiffres ça fait deux, j'ai en plus le sentiment que le temps passer à faire de la compta est du temps créatif volé!
Peut-être que, si mon environnement de travail était plus agréable, ça m'ennuierait moins. Donc j'ai donné une nouvelle vie à cet atlas de 1956... comme porte document! J'ai même fait une vidéo de la transformation de l'atlas pour vous!

The video.    La vidéo.

If you're a book restorer, you might not like how I treat this atlas... at all! But at least, I'm giving it a second life and most of all: lots of love!
And in case you wonder, yes, it worked, I'm much more inclined to keep my paperwork up to date now, as stroking and manipulating this new storage adds to the fun :)))

Si vous êtes restaurateur de livre, ce que je fais à cet atlas doit vous rendre malade! Mais au moins, je lui donne une seconde vie et surtout: beaucoup d'amour!
Et au cas où vous vous posez la question, oui, j'adore l'utiliser. Je suis bien plus à jour avec ma compta, puisque rien que de toucher et manipuler mon nouveau dossier est très agréable :)))

There is a complete list of ingredients on the Mixed Media Place blog for you to check out!

Il y a une liste complète des ingrédients sur le blog Mixed Media Place rien que pour vous!

We're attacking the last week of schoolholiday here and we're planing on enjoying it. This also means that Journal on Monday will be back in a week! Are you ready for it?

Nous entamons la dernière semaine de vacances scolaires ici et on a bien l'intention de savourer. Ceci veut aussi dire que Journal on Monday sera de retour dans une semaine! Vous êtes prêts?

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  1. Ik heb net de video gekeken; erg mooi gedaan France en het eindresultaat is natuurlijk schitterend!

  2. A magnifique j adore. C est super vintage un style que j apprécie énormément merci poiur le partage quel talent

  3. Looking forward to seeing the video, watching Formula 1 at the moment.

    Looks amazing so far:-) xxx

  4. France, your paperwork might not be any more enjoyable. But, you have a beautiful place to store all of the detail work. Wonderful new life for the atlas.

  5. Très beau résultat. Cela donne vraiment envie de se lancer dans une telle réalisation.
    Claire, alias Clara_Croft

  6. Wow, a beautiful project! I am thinking of how this could also be adapted for an art journal, or mini book, or any other book where you want to store some items. Lovely video!

  7. Amazing organizer France, like that paper work is a piece of cake only ;-)

  8. This is awesome! I really like that it is also something useful and practical.

  9. France, Thank you for the lovely video. Totally inspiring to watch you work.

  10. Oh France... you are amazing! This organizer it is awesome! And your video is so great! Thank you so much for these moments of inspirations!

  11. I love this! I love your videos and enjoy watching you work. The longer the better for me- lol! Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. This is lovely…what a cool idea. I love watching your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Really interesting video, great project which you made seem so simple x

  14. Oh my gosh, that is such a beautiful project! I'm going to make one for myself and one as a gift. It's amazing how much of a difference teeny-tiny little details make in the finished project. Thanks so much for sharing this video............

  15. I really enjoyed watching this video tutorial. Very well done and a wonderful personal file system to make record keeping more pleasant as well as personal.

  16. Great video! I love how you've repurposed this old atlas into something beautiful to use everyday!

  17. That was fun! Poor atlas! Looking forward to JoM again! Hugs Nancy


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