mercredi 6 août 2014

100 Journal on Mondays: looking back

Hi lovely JoMers!
What a week! It really feels like a whole community celebrating together and I'm so grateful for it!
I'd like to take you back to when it all started and all that happened since. Grab a cup, this is a looooong post with some new news at the end ;)))
JoM started on November 14th 2011, with a very first spread that I don't have as I made it in Finnabair's art journal! It's a beautiful memory though...

Coucou les doux JoMeurs!
Quelle semaine! C'est vraiment toute une communauté qui célèbre ensemble en j'en ressens beaucoup de gratitude! J'aimerais vous remontrer les débuts, commet tout cela à commencé et tout ce qui s'est passé depuis. Prenez une tasse de café, c'est lun loooooooon message avec une toute nouvelle nouvelle tout à la fin ;)))
JoM a démarré le 14 novembre 2011, avec une toute première page que je n'ai même pas, puisque je l'ai faite dans l'art journal de Finnabair! Quel beau souvenir...

The first 28 JoMs were limited to photo step by steps. I do have a couple of favorites from that period, this is just one of them: it's JoM week 15.

Les premiers 28 JoM ce sont limités à des pas à pas photos. J'ai quelques pages préférées de cette période, en voici une: c'est JoM semaine 15.

JoM week 29 was the very first video JoM ever! I remember my excitement as if it was yesterday! And looking back at that question, I do have the answer now! Can you guess?

JoM semaine 29 était le tout premier JoM en vidéo! Je me souviens mon excitation comme si c'était hier! Et en regardant la question que je me posais à l'époque, je me dis que maintenant j'ai la réponse! Vous savez laquelle?

Since that first one, 70 other JoM videos were filmed, edited and put out there. What a ride, what an evolution! Here are two among my favorites:

Depuis cette toute première, 70 autres vidéo JoM ont étés filmées, éditées et mise en ligne! Quelle aventure, quelle évolution! En voici deux parmi mes préférées:

Showing you this all is fun, but there's more: I created a new page here on my blog, with a photo and link to each JoM blogpost! No more searching after a list of ingredients, just check out the page: Journal on Monday.
Remember that if you haven't uploaded a link to an ART JOURNALING step by step or video for the 100th JoM Celebration, you can still do so until Saterday 8 pm CET, right HERE! See you back tomorrow for more 100th JoM Celebration Surprises!

Vous montrer tout ceci est chouette, mais il y plus: j'ai créé une page ici sur mon blog, avec un photo et le lien de chaque message JoM! Plus besoin de chercher après une liste d'ingrédients, il suffit de regarder sur cette page: Journal on Monday.
Si vous n'avez pas encore rajouté le lien vers votre pas à pas ou vidéo de JOURNALING CREATIF, vous pouvez encore le faire jusque samedi soir 20h, ICI! Rendez-vous demain pour plus de surprises célébration du 100ième JoM!

15 commentaires:

  1. Wouaaaaawwww !!!! Impressionnant de revoir tous tes 100 JoM !!!! Si je devais établir un top 3, ça serait dans le désordre : 71 - 79 & 98 ;-)
    Just keep creating & sharing my friend !
    Lulu Brique

  2. Congratulations France! You are an inspiration. I hope to get time to join in the celebration. Love your first ever page it is fab. I love that my blog and You Tube channel become a history of my creative journey. Thank you so much for sharing yours. Hugs Helen x

  3. France, I love the new page with all the journals in one! Thank you so much for creating this-it must have taken much time ")

  4. Yay! What a great idea to have a page dedicated to joM. Thank you! It must be very gratifying to go back and look through your 100 pages. I see that I missed a few of the early ones. How fun for me - an extra treat for today! You have inspired me so much in my own art journey, France. Thank you for sticking with JoM. I'm sure it takes a lot of time.

  5. Wow France it's great to see that look-back and the new page is so useful like an online library to JoMs, hope you have a wonderful week. I am homesick already after 2 days! xxx Ruth

  6. WOW ! Congrats on the anniversary France ! You are such a fab Artist!
    Thank you for sharing all this with us so generous!


  7. Beautiful Journal, pages France, I have loved sharing your journey> I came in late but I will look back and am looking forward to catching up! Fabulous inspiration, thank you so much for sharing your art :D Gay x

  8. Amazing to see some points from your journey and evolution - I'm looking forward to exploring all the other links on your new page - thank you!
    Alison xx

  9. How wonderful that you popped all your pages in the one spot now I can easily go to that page that inspired me for tips on how to do a technique..
    Thanks so much for the time and effort that this took you, it is so much appreciated..
    Sandy :)

  10. Thank you so much for creating your new Blog Page, must have taken ages but it is much appreciated. I came late to your JOM and can now go back and see all the Monday's i missed!

    Loving your celebrations, great posts and visitors :-) xxx

  11. beautiful art page so inspiring Thank you for sharing all this with us so generous!

  12. Oooooohhhh..... the new page of every single JoM makes my heart SING!!!!

  13. every page is such a wonderful treat
    susan s

  14. Fantastic page with all your gorgeous spreads! It's great to be able to see the progression and different expressions.


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