dimanche 9 mars 2014

Encaustic texture study: Cassini division

Hello lovelies!
How was your weekend? Ready for the new week?
The last couple of days, i've been practicing with new encaustic techniques, to mix colors and to create texture. The more i work with encaustic, the more i love it!

Coucou les amis!
Comment était votre weekend? Prêt pour la nouvelle semaine?
Ces derniers jours, j'ai fait des exercices techniques en encaustique, pour mélanger les couleurs et pour créer de a texture. Au plus je travaille en encaustique, au plus j'aime!

"Cassini division A"
12 x 12 Clayboard. Encaustic, oil, mixed media.

Panneau bouleau 30 x 30. Encaustique, huile, mixed media.

"Cassini division B"
8 x 8 clayboard. Encaustic, oil, mixed media.

Panneau bouleau 20 x 20. Encaustique, huile, mixed media.

Tomorrow is Monday, but i don't think i will have a JoM up. I have a big medical appointment on Tuesday and until that is over, my arting is a real therapy: I need to art for myself for a moment, no cameras, no tutorials. But like the other guy said: I'll be back ;)))

Demain on est lundi, mais je ne pense pas qu'il y aura un JoM. J'ai un gros rdv médical mardi et jusqu'à ce que ce soit fini, mon art sera ma thérapie: j'ai besoin de patouiller pour moi-même pour un moment, sans caméra, sans tuto. Mais comme disait l'autre: je reviendrai ;)))

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  1. Beautiful! I know you just started working with Encaustics, but you can't tell it by looking at your work. I love how you incorporate your lovely rusty objects. I can't wait to see you do more. We will miss you until you're back - hope all goes well for you on Tuesday.

  2. Praying your test goes good~ I enjoy your work~ hugs~

  3. You will be in my thoughts on Tuesday - and I hope that everything goes well and that there is a positive outcome.

    Make sure you concentrate on yourself - we will still be here when you feel up to returning and making more art.

    God Bless

  4. Such nice work and so soon after you first attempted encaustic. I fell in love with its waxy goodness the first time I used it. Now I've read, taken classes and played just to learn my way around the medium. You have taken off running! You need to come to Encausticamp 2014 in Seattle, Washington the last week in July.

  5. Dear France, I have found you through the web just about two months ago, but I already love your art work and I'm always following your posts since then. You are an inspiration for me, as I'm quite new to crafting, and your calm voice always pass an inner peace to me through your videos. I wish I could pass some positive energy to you too, somehow! I'm thinking of you and wish you everything to go in the best way for you!

  6. Lovely textures. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything is OK. Beterschap! - Irma

  7. Hope all goes well for you at the hospital.

  8. France, these are beautiful! Even with a new medium, your style comes through. Wishing you good news at your appointment on Tuesday! HUGS!

  9. Hope all goes well at your appointment Tuesday France!!! :-) xxx

  10. Good blessings sent your way.
    Beautiful encaustic... I would love to see how you did this! Encaustic intrigues me, although I have only tried faux encaustic techniques so far.

  11. C'est magnifique ces tableaux en encaustique!
    Prend soin de toi , nous pouvons attendre! La santé d'abord! J'espère que tout va bien se passer et que les résultats seront comme tu les attends!

  12. bon courage France... Je te souhaite un bon rétablissement et toute la force qu'il faut pour dépasser la maladie. Je t'embrasse et merci pour tous ces partages... Reviens nous vite

  13. Keeping your in my daily prayers, France! Arting just for your self is great therapy, and I hope you find a calmness in it today. I am interested in encaustic, but am just at the watching stage for the time being. Your pieces today are beautiful!

  14. Love your encaustic art and I am pleased it works for you as therapy. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope that everything is OK !
    Corrie x

  15. I still don't totally get encaustic done this way but not reason for comment tonight.
    You probably aren't looking at blog as quite late Monday. Just know France, my thoughts were/are/will be with you for tomorrow & after. My craft is ALL about therapy for me (not going into personal here).
    You take the greatest care of YOU. We'll be here when you are ready! Crafty hug. C :)

  16. France your in my thoughts ...hoping everything is ok
    Jackie x

  17. Superb work and good for you taking time and privacy for yourself. You set a good example France!

  18. Dear France, I hope all went well today- as the others expressed- Do take the time to care for yourself! We will be here when you are ready- many prayers and good wishes sending out to you !
    You art is fabulous! xoxo

  19. Warm thoughts going out to you dear France.

  20. Wow, amazing effects here - wonderful to see the results of your new obsession. And I hope you are in full therapy mode and recovering from the medical appointment.
    Alison x


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