dimanche 2 février 2014

Studio day without ink: let there be order!

Happy Sunday sweet all!
Patti, Amy and Lisa were the only ones who guessed the right answer on facebook yesterday: how could i spend a 10 hour day in my studio without even touching a splatter of ink or medium?? 
Before i left for CHA, my studio looked like it had gone kablooie (see definition at end of post) and though i've been back home for almost 2 weeks now, it still looked the same. Time to do something about it!
And as i don't like to do things half way, i decided to move furniture around, saw a bookcase to the right hight to make it fit visually with the rest of the room, rearrange stuff and sort what i wanted to keep or not ( i failed for that last part, everything stayed).

Bon dimanche matin les tout doux!
Patty, Amy et Lisa ont été les seules à deviner sur facebook hier, ce que j'ai bien pu faire pendant 10 heures dans mon atelier sans même toucher une goutte d'encre ou de medium!!
Avant de partir pour le CHA, mon atelier avait l'air d'avoir subi une explosion et malgré que je sois rentrée depuis presque 2 semaines maitnenant, rien n'avait changé. Grand temps d'y faire quelque chose!
Et comme je n'aime pas faire les choses à moitié, j'ai décidé de déménager des meubles, de scier une étagère à la bonne hauteur, de réarranger mon matos tout en triant le tout ( j'ai lamentablement raté cette dernière étape: tout est resté).

I always liked the back wall, where i store the stuff i used the most. This is how it was, when neat...
J'ai toujours aimé le mur derrière moi, où je garde ce que j'utilise le plus. Voici comment c'était quand c'était rangé...

I love it even more now!
Je l'aime encore plus maintenant!

Nope, i didn't paint those poppies myself. Ikea makes fun wall stickers ;)))
Non, je n'ai pas peint ces fleurs moi-même. Ikea fait de super autocollants muraux ;)))

The front wall always made me cringe...
Le mur me faisant face me faisait toujours grincer des dents...

But now, I love it!!
Mais maintenant, je l'adore!!

Now, i still have a couple of things that have to leave my studio... you know, stuff i brought back from the CHA ;))) These are the lucky butterflies, who will each get a little something from their top 3:

Maintenant, j'ai encore quelques trucs qui doivent partir... vous savez, les trucs que j'ai ramenés du CHA ;))) Voici les papillons chanceux qui recevront chacun un petit quelque chose de leur top 3:

My top 3 would definitely have to include Nat's tag, I love her work :)

Congrats to the winners!!

my picks would be
Finnabair demo art journal cover
Dina Wakely demo tag,
Nathalie Kalbach demo tag

Lucky winners: Congrats to the lucky ladies
my top 3 would of been 
Finn demo piece {come on look at it.. STUNNING}
Ranger Apron {not got a decent apron so need one}
Your mini apron or the Dina tag! {tough call for 3rd as love you but also love the dina birdy stamp!}

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you, France, for another chance to win... Top 3, I think, the Tim Holtz fabric, the Idea-ology catalogue, and the France Papillon apron!!
Have a great weekend!
Alison x

If you could mail me your postal address to 
don't forget to delete the brackets!
Journal on Monday will probably be a journal on Tuesday, but i will be. I loved the fight in the polls between the glass beads and the PanPastel. You guys rock!!!

Si vous pouviez m'envoyer votre adresse postale par mail à 
n'oubliez pas d'effacer les parenthèse!
Journal on Monday ne sera probablement en ligne que mardi, mais promis, il y aura une vidéo. J'ai adoré la bagarre dans l'enquête entre les billes de verre et les PanPastel. Pour ceux qui votent: vous êtes des stars!!!

PS: Kablooie: a large explosion and subsequent splattering of any nearby object by the object being detonated.
I learned this word from Calvin and Hobbes and i love it!

PPS: a special thank you to my hubby and our son Julian for their precious help!!!
PPs: un merci tout spécialement à zhom et au fiston Julian pour leur aide précieuse!!!

29 commentaires:

  1. Oh you did great! Looks so inviting. I would love to have a room like that!

  2. wow, I think it looked ok before - but so much better now!! what a wonderful room... and well done to your winners.

  3. Oh what a front view, I love that new cupboard/drawers system, did you design it, France?

    1. my wish Ruth ;)))
      Those are 25 year old Ikea drawers, left overs from my student dorm time... yep, i kept them all along!

  4. Your room looks great. I bet you can't wait to start creating again !
    Corrie x

  5. Congrats to these lovely ladies, and a big HOORAY! to France for organizing! My turn? Mwah! KayW

  6. France,,I knew it!!..Looks amazing,,feels good to create in a space you like!!

  7. What a fantastic make over, this room looks amazing (even though I think it looked pretty good before when it was tidy!

    And congrats to the latest winners!

  8. It looks great! Lots of moving snd shuffling but the end redult is gorgeous!

  9. Your room looks great! Lots of hard work. Love the Poppies and the Ikea drawers. Don't you find when you reorganize there is a recharge in your creativity...

  10. Wow - fantastic reorganisation - so much extra storage space on both walls, and the drawers on the front wall are so beautiful - lovely weathered wood after all this time! And so happy to see my name as one of you draws - thank you! I'll be in touch right now!!
    Alison x

  11. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Your room has more storage & great looking furniture. Great job rearranging:-) xxx

  12. Yep you inspired me now to move my desk. The window was just not working with it in front of me now it is to the side like yours and it is so much better had to come tell you.. I was working yesterday in there and had to keep holding my canvas up to see it did not occur to me that my desk was in the wrong spot till I saw yours today..
    Love those draws you have they are just awesome... Much better use of shelving now you have.. As we accumulate things they just don't fit where they used to..
    Sandy :)

  13. ooo zo mooi. ik ben gek op je houten laden blok mmm machtig
    veel plezier in je vernieuwde stek.

  14. It looks great! Love those ikea wall stickers. I'll have to check around the different designs they might have next time I go there.
    And the cabinet with so many drawers looks perfect for keeping lots of stuff in them.
    Congrats to the lucky winners.
    Cheers, Vron

  15. Ben mince alors... moi qui croyais avoir gagné quelque chose aussi... J'ai dû me tromper...
    Ton atelier est magnifique...

  16. Wow, it looks fabulous! I keep saying I should do that, but the project seems too daunting.

  17. Your studio looks great & congrats to the latest winners.

  18. Wouaaaaw, elle est canon l'armoire qui te fait face !!!! Ca va créer encore plus ferme avec ce nouvel agencement ;-)

  19. Quel superbe atelier que tu as là! ça va créer plein pôt!!!

  20. Totally in love with the front wall! Are those re-purposed bookshelves or new? They look great. And I love the poppies!! Now you're making me re-think my space. My sweetie keeps saying I need to do something....of course the idea of buying storage instead of something with pretty colors is HARD! Thanks for the tour.

  21. such a cute studio France :) I NEED to do this...soon! lol

  22. such a light and airy studio you have!! I am definitely jealous now :)

  23. I'm jealous! So organized and clean!

  24. Love the peek at your studio, France! Looks awesome.


  25. It is always so inspiring to see studio spaces. I love both the before and the after pictures. The new cabinet on the front wall is amazing!

  26. Looks wonderful! You must be thrilled to have such a clean and organized space.

  27. Love your workshop makeover, those new units are lovely and I adore the poppies on the wall {i ♥ poppies} Thank you for picking me as a winner too, loves ya xoxo


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