mardi 28 janvier 2014

Messenger of L... Mixed Media Place project

Hi lovelies!
One of the things i came back with from my trip, was the will to make more canvases. The first occasion i got, was this project for the Mixed Media Place blog, where i played with a lot of rusty metal!
I forgot how liberating it is to step out of an art journal and not being limited in the dimension you want to add.

Coucou les tout doux!
Une des choses avec lesquelles je suis revenue de mon voyage, est l'envie de faire plus de toiles. La première occasion que j'ai eu, c'est ce projet pour le blog Mixed Media Place, où j'ai joué avec tout plein de métal rouillé!
J'avais oublié cette sensation de liberté qu'on obtient lorsqu'on s'éloigne d'un art journal et qu'on est pas limité par la dimension qu'on veut rajouter.

The description of how i got to this result as well as the used products are listed on the Mixed Media Place blog. See you there! And did you vote for the next JoM video content? The poll is at the top of the right blog roll ;)

La description des étapes ainsi que la liste des produits utilisés sont listés sur le blog Mixed Media Place. Rendez-vous la-bas! Et est-ce que vous avez voté pour le contenu de la prochaine vidéo JoM? L'enquête se trouve en haut à droite ;)

16 commentaires:

  1. France, this is gorgeous! I haven't played with rusted metal yet but I always love it when you do.

  2. Fabulous! I really want to try rusting some metal objects; these look marvellous with the red heart and the machine stitching. Julie Ann xx

  3. Definitely different than journalling! Can see certain influences in your canvas which looks fantastic & 3 dimensional.

    Beautiful attention to detail, fabulous colours!

    :-) x

  4. I absolutely adore all the textures and the colours are exquisite

  5. You are blowing us away. Do you ever sleep?

  6. Just saw this over at MMP - it's simply glorious - love all the rusting, and that fabulous glowing heart!
    Alison x

  7. Loving the dimension and the red heart just POPS!

  8. I love doing this type of art am excited to get inspiration from you!!!! Love everything I have seen that you have done so far! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  9. definitely a "France" creation! :) you should do more of these...Awesome!

  10. How beautiful! Love the pop of color on the framed pieces! Gorgeous embellishments too!

  11. Wow! That is gorgeous.

  12. You certainly stepped away from the journal on this beautiful piece, France! Love all the rusty metal here, too! Off to check out the detail! Mwah! KayW


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