lundi 9 décembre 2013

Journal on Monday: week 78

Hi all!
I have a dream about a journal spread that looks like an encaustic piece, with lots of translucent depth.  Unfortunately, encaustic in a closed paper book won't work, for several reasons. So i tried to obtain a similar effect using products that will survive in a journal. It's no where near as transluscent as i wanted it, but it's a good start!  Before I wish you to enjoy the video: i've added some important info at the end of this post, right under the photos: your input is required!! :)))

Je rêve de créer une page d'art journaling qui ressemblerait à une réa encaustique, avec autant de profondeur translucide. Malheureusement, l'encaustique sur du papier dans un livre fermé ne marchera pas, pour plusieurs raisons. Alors, j'ai tenté d'obtenir un effet similaire avec les produits qui survivront dans un art journal. Le résultat est loin d'être aussi translucide que ce que je voulais, mais c'est un bon début. Avant de vous souhaiter un bon visionnage de la vidéo, j'ai rajouté une remarque importante à la fin de ce message, en dessous des photos: votre contribution est requise!! :)))

The video.    La vidéo.

New New New:
1) I've added a poll at the top of the right blog roll: what would you like to see in the next Journal on Monday video? You have untill Friday evening to enter your vote. So please vote!! 

2) But also: if you add a product or a technique in your comment, i might include in a next poll! Now, what else could i do to make Journal on Monday YOUR Journal on Monday? :)))

Nouveau Nouveau Nouveau:
1) J'ai rajouté une enquête en haut à droite de mon blog: qu'aimeriez-vous voir dans une prochaine vidéo Journal on Monday? Vous avez jusque vendredi soir pour entrer votre vote. Donc s'il vous plaît, votez!! 

2)Mais aussi: si vous rajoutez un produit ou une technique dans votre commentaire, je pourrais l'inclure dans une des prochaines enquête! Alors, que pourrais-je faire de plus pour faire du Journal on Monday VOTRE Journal on Monday? :)))

Ingredients / Ingrédients:
Finnabair Mixed Media art journal
Handy Craft: Handy Tex
Pébéo: Clear gesso, White gesso, Glossy Bindex
Ecoline: Pastel Blue 580
Faber Castel Gelatos: Acqua Dolce, Snow Cone, Butterscotch, Chocolate
Distress ink: Vintage photo
KeiserCraft Rub-on: Timeless tree
Senneliers Oil Pastel: White, Bright Turquoise
Finnabair stencil: Bubbles
Home rusted Finnabair Mechanicals: Plated label, Flowers small, Gear, Vintage Centers, Mini Roman Numerals, Mini Brads
7Dots Studio paper: Sweet Dreams
Home made Cold Porcelain heart
Metalic wire
Cutter Bee Bugs
Inkssentials: Matte accent
Tacky Glue

28 commentaires:

  1. I love your videos and I would love to get some inspiration how to combine Gelatos and NeoColor II creyons :)

    1. What a good idea! Yes, France, please show us how you would combine Gelato's and NeoColor II.

  2. I would love to see Portfolio Pastels & Inktense Pencils/Bars plus how to shade areas & how to blend into a page.

    Love your videos France, always full of fabulous inspiration:-)

  3. Thank you for being there! :)
    And thank you for sharing!
    Sanda xx

  4. This one is incredible. You are moving from *art journal* to fine art! Watching the video it looked almost like a. Japanese silk screen but on the blog it has a different feel. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I would like to see how to use alcohol inks . Thank you for sharing your work again. Susan

  5. If course I'd like to see all the suggestions we voted on! ;)
    Love your work. This journal has been fascinating because of how dimensional you can make it when you glue the page down last.

  6. I'm always looking forward to your JoM's, having us to vote is not making this any less. It 's not easy to choose, I would love to see the 3 different watercolour papers also but this time, I have chosen...

  7. I think my request might be a bit vague, but I finally bought 4 PanPastels and have no clue how to even start. Help!

  8. I always love your videos!! Maybe would like to see how you Inktense products. :)

  9. Great video and one of my favourite colour combinations. The result is another wonderful spread.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us !
    Corrie x

  10. J'aime beaucoup la musique utilisée dans tes vidéos. Peut-on savoir de qui est cette musique ainsi que la bande sonore? Merci
    Bonne semaine

  11. This is incredibly beautiful! I want to totally replicate it in my journal! Always look forward to a new video from you, thanks for the inspiration, France!

  12. What an amazing spread. I really and truly love this one. Gorgeous.

  13. Absolutely, breathtakingly stunning. Just STUNNING!

  14. great spread as watching it unfold.

  15. Thank you France for sharing your video.I loved to watch and see your yournalpage grow.

  16. I love the journal spread, you make it look so easy! Thanks for the journal on Monday, I look forward to it and appreciate all the work you put into it.

  17. The JoM post is the highlight of my week! You always inspire me with all of your wonderful ideas. I love the little drumming you do with your fingers between steps - I can almost hear you saying to yourself "What next? What next?" Love it!! Thanks again!

  18. Encore une sublime vidéo rempli de techniques comme tu sais si bien les faire! Vraiment bravo!

  19. I love your journal pages, they always inspire me!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. I would love to see you use modeling paste.... Love your art!

  21. I always look forward to Journal on Monday with you. Your incredible talent is truly inspiring. I don't have any suggestions beyond what has already been mentioned. Thank you for all the time you take to make your videos.

  22. Fantastic Video. I look forward to it each week. Going to vote now.

  23. Out of this world pages, France - and a wonderful video too. Your videos are my favourite for music and voiceover... always a delight. Thank you! I've put in my vote, but looks like baby wipe magic isn't going to make it!! I'd love to know more about encaustics...
    Alison xx

  24. I haven't seen the video, but I'd love to see some techniques using wax watercolor pastels. I've got a Faber Castell set and would love see ways to use them.

  25. What a beautiful and elegant journal page!


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