lundi 21 octobre 2013

It doesn't get any better than this!

Hi all!
I feel blessed and surrounded, I'm touched by so many positive vibes it humbles me. 
First of all, a huge thank you to all the enthousiastic responses to my kits. Saying you peeps made my day is an understatement!! 
Now you know the saying: life has a way of testing you, by having nothing happen at all or having it all happen at once! 
You probably wonder what i'm talking about... 
Ronda, if you're reading this: thank you!!!

C'est tellement le bonheur que j'en deviens silencieuse, je me sens tellement entourée par les ondes positives que j'en suis toute émue. Tout d'abord, un énorme merci pour votre accueil enthousiaste de mes nouveaux kits. Je peux vous dire que je suis aux anges!
Maintenant vous connaissez le dicton: la vie a une façon de nous tester, soit en nous laissant dans le vide, soit en ayant tout qui nous arrive en une fois.
Vous vous demandez probablement de quoi je parle...
Ronda, si tu lis ceci: merciiiii!!!

I'm leaving you to this, besides editing the new Journal on Monday video, i have quite some crazy bunny dancing to do...  Click on the image, you'll see where it leads you ;))) 

Je vous laisse, en dehors de l'édition de la nouvelle vidéo Journal on Monday, j'ai pas mal de danse du lapin crétin à faire... Cliquez sur l'image, elle vous emmènera où il faut ;)))

Much love,


23 commentaires:

  1. congratulations france! i'm so happy for you!

  2. Wow France, Rhonda has given you a phenominal write up! I am still excited about your new kits & it sounds like you are busy on that front too, looking forward to receiving my order very soon.

    Liking the sound of bunny dancing lol :-)

  3. Congrats France, your art is always so beautiful xxx

  4. Congratulations France, you dance away girl. x

  5. Congratulations ! This is well deserved. You are very talented and we are so spoiled that you share it with us !
    Corrie x

  6. Giggles and More Giggles.... much love to you Darling.

  7. Congrats! I'm in total agreement with this, I love your work, your videos! I look forward each week to see what you are going to create. Great job!

  8. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing!!!

  9. Sincere congratulations! Well deserved and so glad I found your blog too. Hoping to to take a class one day with you in the USA!

  10. This is way cool, van harte gefeliciteerd :-)

  11. Best compliment you could have been paid and well deserved for your stunning art!!
    Amanda x

  12. Fabulous is right! Hope those who haven't found you yet will find you now... you know I love your gorgeous work!

  13. Congratulations, France! Loved reading Ronda's fantastic article. Well deserved recognition. You are such an inspiration to so many artists around this beautiful world!!

  14. Ronda I agree! France's art is so unbelievable. I so appreciate and wait eagerlyfor her videos. She so generously shares what she is foing. Also making it look easy which I KNOW it is not. I love the colors, layers, materials , textures. Happy she is being for showcased to even more people!

  15. France you are incredible. Thank you for allowing me to share you!

  16. Congrats France!! Your work is so amazing and I love it!

  17. Congratulations France love what you do... Makes my day when a new video comes up to watch, just awesome..
    Sandy :)

  18. Amazing video france........inspirational........

  19. Wonderful news! Congratulations, credit where credit is due. You are a very talented artist. It is always a delight seeing your latest artwork. Good luck in all that you do xxx

  20. I found your blog via Ronda and I LOVE it!!! Will be following you from now on!

  21. Magnifique mise en lumière de ton travail! C'est superbe! Tu va avoir de nouveaux fan outre-Atlantique!


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