lundi 31 janvier 2011

Ink Box

Puisque mes petites élèves d' hier ont super bien travaillé, je tiens ma promesse! Et elles le méritent amplement: même la coupure de courant général ne les a pas arrêtées: elles ont continué à travailler à la lueur des bougies! Je leur avais promis la boîte en image sous toutes les coutures, afin qu'elles puissent finaliser la leur. Donc les filles: voici!

As my little students yesterday worked really really well, i keep my promise! And they do desirve it: even the general power cut didn't stop them: they continued to work by candlelight! I promised them pictures of the box in every angle, so that they can finalise theirs. So girls: here it is!


Pour les curieux: nous avons démarré avec du 2 mm, du masking tape de bricolage et ensuite... beaucoup de patouille. Bref, tout ce que j'aime!
Les filles: n'oubliez pas de me montrer vos boîtes finies hein! Et encore merci pour votre enthousiasme, ce fut un réel plaisir :)

For the curious among you: we started of with 2mm cardboard, do-it-yourself masking tape and ...a lot of inky fingers. In short, everything i like!
Girls: don't forget to show me your boxes once you're done! And thanks again for your enthusiasm, it was a real pleasure :)

Edit: Pour répondre à LA question du jour: la boîte est entièrement fait main. Donc si vous voulez tenter l'aventure: on découpe du carton 2mm qu'on assemble aux dimensions voulues. Il y a toutefois moyen de trouver des boîtes toutes faites que vous pouvez mettre à votre sauce. Bon amusement!

Edit: To answer to THE question of the day: the box is entirely hand-made. So if you want to give it a try: we start with a sheet of 2 mm cardboard which we cut and assemble to the wanted size. You can although find ready-to-use boxes you can decorate. Have fun!

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  1. merci à toi, Francoise! nous avons adoré cette magnifique boite et pas de soucis, dès qu'elle sera terminée, je t'envoie les photos ou alors dès qu'on se voit pour la crop des DDD en juillet. Bis Marie-Line(Marilou)

  2. I love it! It does look like it was fun to makel Could you give me some suggestions or direction? What type of box? I am going to show the ladies at the craft store I spend much time at- I have seen some great work from this group, but that box is wonderful.
    Stephanie Hallit (yes, it is a French last name) from Texas USA

  3. This is wonderful---thanks so much for sharing it. Very inspiring---I am looking to do for myself!!

  4. Hello France,

    I know how much time it takes to make a box from scratch... so I do say WOW !

    Your embellishing finishes the box off !

    greetings from Belgium

  5. Just wonderful, I love all the embellishments...keep up the good work.

  6. This is fantastic! What a lovely way to store and display the inks.

  7. This is AMAZING! You did a fabulous job and have inspired me to try to make my own box from scratch. I have been wanting to alter one for some of my supplies, but haven't found one the right size yet.

  8. What an amazing project! Thank you so much for sharing this with us France!

  9. I love every thing about this! If I had to choose one favorite it would be the side with the tag connected to the frame with the hinge clasp. Your color choices blend so nicely. Just gorgeous.

  10. that box is out of this world gorgeous!!! beautifully composed and the color palette is just my cuppa tea :)
    luthien :)

  11. Superbe boite !
    T'es une grande, ma Papillon !

  12. Hi France.
    Great box. I love how you've embellished it.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you at ArtsyCrafts: We're on the same session too!

  13. Belle bOîte 100% tOi et bien fOnctiOnnelle...

  14. This box is fabulous! I am going to become a follower of your blog because of this box :)

  15. Love what you have done with this box (and the other near Christmas).


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